Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Post

My birthday just pass .
Finally 18 years old.
Happy birthday to me =)
Getting older and older...HAHA.
Means i need to be more mature in the future ,
And more hardworking on my studies.
Really thanks to my friends who came my fb wall,
And sent me their wish.THANKS*
ASHLEY,Thanks for your wish too !
We went to 
NEX @Serangoon*(North East's biggest Mall) this evening*(21/12)...
Actually Nex is nothing special and smaller than i expect.
But i like the ceiling,I can see it and fall in sleep easily.
Hope my dad can put one on my bedroom ceiling =)

Orchard sipek crowded lor. 
Many foreigner i think.Btw, it's beautiful seh.
Along orchard road,
Got lots of event and there have many Christmas Tree and light!!!
Amanda,don't sian,lets go SING K and CINEMA next time =)
Birthday's boy need to go back house earlier...psps...
Own you all a dating ok?LOL...
Thanks you all,I like the birthday's present much seriously!  
Lastly,my family's members gave me a surprise too =)
I should go sleep already since i realize it's around 3.30 AM.
Holiday really shiok,everyday almost sleep around 3 AM.
Holiday actually are for student to enjoy & relax, ain't it?
Exams and Quizes are stress lot =(
1/4 holidays are gone!!!
Thinking abt want to having Christmas's eve at orchard.
Or go to MALAYSIA for Christmas's party sia.
A hard decision.

Sometime,Human's mouth sarcastic.
It hurts, but what can we do?
They have their rights and mouth are theirs.
No way to stop them,isn't?
Let them be... Let them be...

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