Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The one that got away

I'm back!!! :) My 3 months of attachment was like the blink of an eye. I survived! Oh yeah, currently the fyp really bored die me, totally miss my attachment period, it was really fun. Compared my fyp to attachment, work load decreases exponentially. Most of the days synthesis some BFO powder then slack all the way in front of desktop. Today even went to library with Gary for the movie 'green lantern'. LOL. Luckily our mentor having some conference in States :D Any idea for graduation trip? Will be leaving my school in less than 9 months.Last Sunday(17/6) went to USS with my uncles cousins and cousin's bf! :) The battlestar roller coaster was really a fun ride. HAHAHAHA It's really scary b'cus the roller coaster went up to the highest point and down in almost 90degree! But i still prefer the human(blue) roller coaster. Tried both of them twice, hehe! 
Mummy ride and transformer 3D also amazing! Other than those attractions, USS is kind of lame :/

Can you guys spot me?

At the night we went to watch the ' Song of the Sea'. The tix had been risen from less than 10 to 10 :O But it was quite relaxing, hahahah. The feeling was like watching NDP Parade.

Yesterday went to strictly pancake, the pancake really special :D I LIKE THE BANANA THE MOST :D I was so stupid -.-, before heading down to town still went to south eat chicken rice. Stupid gary larh, told me pancake willn't get my stomach full. It was really full ttm no joke!!!
June damn sad lah, so many happening event clash! :(
Sorry i have broken my promise, miss out the camp :( hais! You was said it is never too late to amend but i never seen any chances for me to indemnify you :( 
You would never know the reason why we never got into the r.s. Hope you are not 'the one that got away' <3 this song much much! Have been listened to it for more than 1000 times this year :D
Zui hou jue ding ai shang ni I'm coming right now! kthxBye

Enjoy the song!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Almost one month never update my blog alr,
i think no one will read my blog though.
But anyways, I just finish my second interviews at A*Star,
and a metrology paper today :) 
Hope everything will be alright okay?
And yesterday the *** meeting seriously sucks, that cb people think he very smart.
Please lei, who are you? You don't even Qualified to criticize me, so stfu, 你没有说话,没人会当你是哑巴!
But maybe i really was that kind of person. Sob
So now my blog have become a tunnel for me vent all my anger.

'People always start to treasure what they had until they lost them' 
I do too, but it's too late and you really dissapointed me too much.
So the better way for me is walk alone. #forever alone
Oh okay, time for dragon nest le! Byes!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Page 4 of 366

Page 4 of 366
Worst day of 2012.
A message totally spoil my day! Guess what is that msg about?
Fuck, was from NYP, tell me that i kana path B which mean attachment& FYP first followed by study term.
And the attachment is even start at march, 2 more month only SHIT!
I really don't want go that stupid attachment.
I will lost my classmates, I will got no freedom, I need to be punctual in every single working day, how hard will it be!
I don't wanna scold by my supervisor. I don't wanna kana backstab by my colleague.
I'm still a boy! I don't want face the big big world outside. Even though i'll turn 20 very soon :(
I hope i can appeal sia because
I really don't want attachment first! I want study lah.
OMG, my neighbor is watching 小孩不笨2 and i 不小心 heard this song >.<

Btw, this song is so memorable and this movie was awesome.

'No matter how you hate your school, you'll still miss it when you knew you leaving your school soon.'

Thanks rachee for your gift from taiwan '大便超人糖糖' and 'rainbow kitty :) 

This few day I'm really addicted to weibo horoscope sia, is so 准.

@星座爱情001#射手座#  喜欢咬人,但不是谁都有这种待遇的,这种举动只有心爱的人才有这种殊惠。爱你会在你不经意时咬你,不爱你看着都累。射手非常感性,容易被感动,天生泪线浅,掉眼泪就像笑很正常的。不信你带他们去看一部感人的电影或电视剧,你一定得准备几包纸巾。因为他们太善良了。怎么能够不受欢迎呢? 

@星座爱情 : 【哭起来最厉害的星座】双鱼座、白羊座、金牛座、狮子座;【只是默默流眼泪的星座】天秤座、射手座、双子座、水瓶座;【不掉一滴眼泪最铁石心肠的星座】巨蟹座、摩羯座、天蝎座、处女座。 不要轻易哭泣,但也不要忍着不哭。   

*从小到大,我还是没变. 还是爱哭包一个.

*Accredited to R, J & M whose pei me thru out the day. Thank you!
*J : JIAYOU for your entre project. You can do it one!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I almost forgot i got a blog sia.
Didn't update it so long alr.
OGL camp and Freshmen Orientation 2011 are successfully ended~
I lead my juniors which is NMS 1102.
Look at my juniors class bonding,
and look back at my class bonding again,*head shake.
My class srsly cmi~
I think because of that Sxxx.
Do you agree?
New semester is coming,3 day lesson are start at 8am.
I confirm late lah,sian!
I wonder see how many people are in the class by 8am sharp.LOL

No mood to update my blog,that's all today~
Bye & Take Care

Monday, February 14, 2011

Belated Valentine's Day ♥

Valentine’s Day passed away from us greatly 2 hour ago.
For me, it's an alone Valentine’s Day.
Just came back from dating with my book at ECP with eric .
There’s lot of couple celebrating their valentine day at ECP.
Some of them set up their ‘sweet’ camp,
And having their candlelight dinner in front of their camp.
Some of them sit at the beach and see the sea.
Some of them having dinner at high-classes restaurant.
For me,I dating with my book! FML
LOL…Lame right?
Btw,having my dinner with Eric at ECP Carl’s JR  today .
After dinner,on the way toward Changi village,
I suddenly realize that I leave my wallet over at restaurant.
My NRIC and other important stuff was inside wallet too!
Lucky I get it back when I went back there.
Thanks for staff whose help me to keep it carefully =)
I appreciated it*.

Just done a complaint.
**I just do my part, so don’t blame me,please =(
    Because I cannot withstand already.

For someone:
I am not trying to win something OR what from you.
I just want to let you know,
"Where are your fault because it’s not only my fault..."
This is just a fcuking small matter,you know?
Be More mature,Please.
Stubborn is not the easiest way to solve the problem.

P/s: Single and Available 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Study week

Almost 1 month didn’t update my blog…
Last holiday are enriched.
Most of the time I spent tgt are my secondary classmates,
They really interesting and random you know?
Introduce to you first,
Muar is a town and district of Johor.
And is 120 KM far from Singapore.
We drove there just for our’s dinner and ‘OTAK’.
Random right? HAHA
MUAR's otak really nice btw!
Those few days, We gather chit-chat,
Sing K, movie & shopping. 
We knew precious time flies, 
So must enjoy it,ain't it?

But the fact is:
‘Friend’s that can share and trust” are
getting lesser and lesser when we grow older and older’.
Don’t talk abt those, because nowadays, 
this 20th century humans are just 
care abt theirself and try to harm each other
to gain theirself some benefit.

I miss out Marina Bay Countdown party 2011 =(
I swear I will attend this year!  

Sigh, school reopen make us having lot of
Presentation, project and homework…
Stress lar!

CNY is coming in 2 more week…Sound good!
but FYI,Semestral exam are coming in 3 more week…
Somemore, this year *CNY holiday only 4 days?  FML

I swear I will go SINGTEL next week and
Give them a very good feedback form next week.
Internet this few days totally sucks ttm.

I think my imaginations quite good.
This few days my nightmare really…
OK, fine.

*Study are for yourself, not others.

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