Thursday, February 9, 2012


Almost one month never update my blog alr,
i think no one will read my blog though.
But anyways, I just finish my second interviews at A*Star,
and a metrology paper today :) 
Hope everything will be alright okay?
And yesterday the *** meeting seriously sucks, that cb people think he very smart.
Please lei, who are you? You don't even Qualified to criticize me, so stfu, 你没有说话,没人会当你是哑巴!
But maybe i really was that kind of person. Sob
So now my blog have become a tunnel for me vent all my anger.

'People always start to treasure what they had until they lost them' 
I do too, but it's too late and you really dissapointed me too much.
So the better way for me is walk alone. #forever alone
Oh okay, time for dragon nest le! Byes!

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