Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The one that got away

I'm back!!! :) My 3 months of attachment was like the blink of an eye. I survived! Oh yeah, currently the fyp really bored die me, totally miss my attachment period, it was really fun. Compared my fyp to attachment, work load decreases exponentially. Most of the days synthesis some BFO powder then slack all the way in front of desktop. Today even went to library with Gary for the movie 'green lantern'. LOL. Luckily our mentor having some conference in States :D Any idea for graduation trip? Will be leaving my school in less than 9 months.Last Sunday(17/6) went to USS with my uncles cousins and cousin's bf! :) The battlestar roller coaster was really a fun ride. HAHAHAHA It's really scary b'cus the roller coaster went up to the highest point and down in almost 90degree! But i still prefer the human(blue) roller coaster. Tried both of them twice, hehe! 
Mummy ride and transformer 3D also amazing! Other than those attractions, USS is kind of lame :/

Can you guys spot me?

At the night we went to watch the ' Song of the Sea'. The tix had been risen from less than 10 to 10 :O But it was quite relaxing, hahahah. The feeling was like watching NDP Parade.

Yesterday went to strictly pancake, the pancake really special :D I LIKE THE BANANA THE MOST :D I was so stupid -.-, before heading down to town still went to south eat chicken rice. Stupid gary larh, told me pancake willn't get my stomach full. It was really full ttm no joke!!!
June damn sad lah, so many happening event clash! :(
Sorry i have broken my promise, miss out the camp :( hais! You was said it is never too late to amend but i never seen any chances for me to indemnify you :( 
You would never know the reason why we never got into the r.s. Hope you are not 'the one that got away' <3 this song much much! Have been listened to it for more than 1000 times this year :D
Zui hou jue ding ai shang ni I'm coming right now! kthxBye

Enjoy the song!!!

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