Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Page 4 of 366
Worst day of 2012.
A message totally spoil my day! Guess what is that msg about?
Fuck, was from NYP, tell me that i kana path B which mean attachment& FYP first followed by study term.
And the attachment is even start at march, 2 more month only SHIT!
I really don't want go that stupid attachment.
I will lost my classmates, I will got no freedom, I need to be punctual in every single working day, how hard will it be!
I don't wanna scold by my supervisor. I don't wanna kana backstab by my colleague.
I'm still a boy! I don't want face the big big world outside. Even though i'll turn 20 very soon :(
I hope i can appeal sia because
I really don't want attachment first! I want study lah.
OMG, my neighbor is watching 小孩不笨2 and i 不小心 heard this song >.<

Btw, this song is so memorable and this movie was awesome.

'No matter how you hate your school, you'll still miss it when you knew you leaving your school soon.'

Thanks rachee for your gift from taiwan '大便超人糖糖' and 'rainbow kitty :) 

This few day I'm really addicted to weibo horoscope sia, is so 准.

@星座爱情001#射手座#  喜欢咬人,但不是谁都有这种待遇的,这种举动只有心爱的人才有这种殊惠。爱你会在你不经意时咬你,不爱你看着都累。射手非常感性,容易被感动,天生泪线浅,掉眼泪就像笑很正常的。不信你带他们去看一部感人的电影或电视剧,你一定得准备几包纸巾。因为他们太善良了。怎么能够不受欢迎呢? 

@星座爱情 : 【哭起来最厉害的星座】双鱼座、白羊座、金牛座、狮子座;【只是默默流眼泪的星座】天秤座、射手座、双子座、水瓶座;【不掉一滴眼泪最铁石心肠的星座】巨蟹座、摩羯座、天蝎座、处女座。 不要轻易哭泣,但也不要忍着不哭。   

*从小到大,我还是没变. 还是爱哭包一个.

*Accredited to R, J & M whose pei me thru out the day. Thank you!
*J : JIAYOU for your entre project. You can do it one!

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