Friday, January 14, 2011

Study week

Almost 1 month didn’t update my blog…
Last holiday are enriched.
Most of the time I spent tgt are my secondary classmates,
They really interesting and random you know?
Introduce to you first,
Muar is a town and district of Johor.
And is 120 KM far from Singapore.
We drove there just for our’s dinner and ‘OTAK’.
Random right? HAHA
MUAR's otak really nice btw!
Those few days, We gather chit-chat,
Sing K, movie & shopping. 
We knew precious time flies, 
So must enjoy it,ain't it?

But the fact is:
‘Friend’s that can share and trust” are
getting lesser and lesser when we grow older and older’.
Don’t talk abt those, because nowadays, 
this 20th century humans are just 
care abt theirself and try to harm each other
to gain theirself some benefit.

I miss out Marina Bay Countdown party 2011 =(
I swear I will attend this year!  

Sigh, school reopen make us having lot of
Presentation, project and homework…
Stress lar!

CNY is coming in 2 more week…Sound good!
but FYI,Semestral exam are coming in 3 more week…
Somemore, this year *CNY holiday only 4 days?  FML

I swear I will go SINGTEL next week and
Give them a very good feedback form next week.
Internet this few days totally sucks ttm.

I think my imaginations quite good.
This few days my nightmare really…
OK, fine.

*Study are for yourself, not others.

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