Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last paper today(16/12)

Just reach home sia...Tired!
Today Mechanics almost kill me.
Question 2b i totally don't know how to do.
15 marks gone =(
Having my dinner at city hall Carl's jR.
So shocked,this is first time i feel eat fast food can fulfill my stomach.
Maybe was drink too much lemontea,cause can refill for FREE.
But quite expensive ler,one combo set for $14.50,lucky can pay by nets.
Another hardworking day with 
How siang PSLE's score are 207 sia,better than jun hong.
Study until almost take last train back to house.
Last minutes was raining.
I want to say,it's a good place to study and torn.
I mean outside the Mac@marina square.

SG skyline with rain,MAC@ Marina Square  

Tomorrow last paper IP chem. Good luck for me.
Time Flies!!!

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