Tuesday, December 14, 2010


GLP done today,memorize for so many things yesterday.
For examples;
-carcinogens(cause cancer),
-mutagens(cause change in genetic of cell),
-neurotoxins(cause damage to nervous system),
-hepatotoxins(damage to liver) and such on,only out 1 MCQ question?FML.
I used up almost half an hour to memorise all substances,
That may cause damage to our organ sia.
Btw,it's awesome,i can straight away write anything
without any spelling mistake and refer to a book =)..
Mean i had learned something from it.

Tomorrow is mechanic test...
Ouch,my scared subject this semester...(ixx,iyy,centroid,MOI...).
All are like count,count and still count.
Like physics but chimer than it.
But it's is quite logically aslo.
I think it's  aslo an architect studies module.
Spent for 4 hours just now at NYP's library with Ashley,JH,Amanda and...
Thanks jun hong for teach us until so depressed.
LOL.I mean you,Amanda!KSER,deduct your fame =p
Finally,we study until the librarians off the lights sia,dark actually.
Don't know got anything leave at library or not.Should go check later =p
Continue my study =) 2 more to go!

***There are three ingredients in the good life:" learning, earning and yearning."

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